In the Process of Obtaining the Best Possible Price for Your Aircraft, Aircraft International Resources Provides You with the Following:

Up-to-Date Market Analysis:

We provide an up-to-date Market Analysis of your aircraft and keep you advised of any and all market changes.

Specifications and Photos:

Your aircraft is presented to potential buyers with detailed specifications, an accurate maintenance summary, and  attractive  photos, showcased in a professional manner.

Your aircraft will also be presented to our overseas partners and marketed to targeted potential overseas clients.


We insure courteous, prompt follow-up with potential buyers and provide our clients with continual progress  updates.


Our clients are represented by Aircraft International Resources during the offer/counter-offer stages and during the aircraft inspection process.


Aircraft International Resources oversees all transfer of documents and monies with banks, the FAA,  and escrow.


Our goal is to represent our clients with the utmost integrity and  professionalism while forming long-term  relationships.

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